No baby is exactly the same. No parent is exactly the same either.

It's true. And while there is no "instruction manual", there are professionals who can help!

From bonding with your new little one using infant massage, sleeping through the night using her sleep consulting services, or discovering the world of infant nutrition, Cassie is your girl.

All classes can be done in person or online. Cassie is located in the east valley, probably with a big cup of coffee in hand.

Benefits of Infant Massage

-Gas and Colic Relief

-Aid with Postpartum Depression

-General Bonding

-Promotes Self Awareness

-Bonding with the Father

-Makes your little one Smarter!

-Regulates Sleep

-Adaptable as your child ages!

-so much more

Why Sleep Matters

Everyone in your home deserves to sleep. We operate at our full potential after 7-10 full hours of night sleep.

The first few months of postpartum are an absolute blur. If, after 12 weeks, you are ready to sleep again, Cassie is here to help. 

She offers full sleep plans for you to follow, or is always willing to just discuss various sleep plans that might work for you. 

No one should feel like they need to parent alone.

Infant Nutrition:

What in the world is baby lead weaning? How do I know if my baby is eating enough? How long am I supposed to give them breastmilk or formula? When can my baby eat solids? Can my baby eat this? What about that? 

Feeding a baby might be more daunting than you first imagined. This is why Cassie is here.

You are heard, valued, and loved here. Welcome to Luna + Lavender.

Let's be friends! Follow along at @lunaandlavenderconsulting