What IS infant massage?

Infant Massage is all about bonding with your child in a more intimate way. It is a release for the baby but also for the parent as well. Infant massage is all about setting aside time to focus on your baby. There are so many benefits including help with gas and colic, help with postpartum depression, teething relief, and can even make your baby smarter by utilizing both hemispheres of the brain. If the father of the baby feels he has no role, this is a great tool for him to learn! And it is easy to work into your daily routines and can be modified as your child grows! 

What ages can you teach?

Infant massage can be started as soon as your baby is born! (or you can start classes while you are pregnant if you want to be proactive!) I am able to teach from birth to their first birthday. If your baby was born premature, the start date is from they were born, not their original due date, that date does not matter anymore!

I am also certified to teach special needs children up to age 7 as well as fostered or adopted children up to age 7 as well. The strokes are more geared towards bonding for the older kids instead of relief from any pain. 

What are your qualifications?

I was trained through the International Association of Infant Massage in the summer of 2018. I was certified in December of 2018 and I have been able to help families since then! I have a passion for uplifting parents and being present and available. Parenthood is tricky. I want your relationship with your child to blossom from birth.