10 Things You Didn't Know About Me

This post was hilarious for me to make because I could NOT think of anything cool to write down! I really had to dig to the bottom of the barrel to find the good stuff. "I like Indian food" is super lame for this kind of post. So, without further ado, in no particular order, here is the best (and some super embarrassing) facts about ME!

1. My name is Cassandra Fuller and I started going by Cassie when I was learning to write my own name.

I not only thought that Cassandra was WAY too long, but I thought that a capital E could have unlimited lines in the middle, so I would write my name in all capital letters and extend the E down the whole page so I could write as many tiny lines in the middle as I could. My little heart broke when I found out that there was only one line in the middle. But Cassie remained as my nickname!

2. I went to culinary school in high school and LOVED IT.

I live in Arizona, and they offer a trade school you can attend your Junior and Senior year for (basically) free. I attended my high school for the first three classes and then drove to the EVIT campus with my friends and spent the rest of the day at Culinary School. The only hitch was that to cut my days up like that, I had to take classes online, which I was reallllllly bad at. So I only attended EVIT my Junior year. I excelled at EVIT and the skills followed me, I still love to cook and bake and find myself assessing restaurants I go to based on their health code and flavor profile. Yes, I am THAT friend. But if I see someone touch their face and then touch food... I get the heebie-jeebies.

3. I love to camp and hike.

When my family lived in Chicago, we did a ton of camping as a family and stopped when we moved to Arizona. I forgot about that part of my life until I met my current boyfriend. Before we were dating, I did anything I could do to talk to him and he brought up his love for camping, and all of a sudden all the memories came back and boom. Fate sealed. We now have a truck bed camper that is incredible and we try to camp once a month! Our cat Curio loves to camp as well! I remind Jon constantly that we have to camp in a tent once a year or we will get soft and I will request a fifth wheel for my thirtieth birthday, haha!

4. I have synesthesia!

There are a few different ways to have it, but I see color when I hear a sound. I assumed everyone had it honestly but found out it was uncommon when I mentioned it to a few friends in high school! I can tell you what color your voice is, but I have no idea what it means! There are a few different ways to have it, some people can see things when they smell smells, people can taste color, or taste pain, etc. It is a really fun thing to have and I was born with it so I have never found it distracting! The colors ooze in from the corner of my... brain? eyes? and form a pattern. There have been a few times when a song has driven me crazy with the shapes and colors, but all in all, it is a super cool way to see the world!

5. Luna + Lavender is not my first business!

I have always been entrepreneurial. I became a manager at every food job I have ever worked. In fact, while in high school and college, I worked at a pizza place that used to be from Chicago but opened a few shops in Arizona. The owner stopped caring about what happened at the restaurant and my dear friend Natalie and I ran the entire operation ourselves. It was fun actually! I was also a manager at Chick-fil-A, Skateland, and frequent sues chef at EVIT. But I also ran my own meal prep business while in college and absolutely loved it. I made frozen meals that people could cook in their crockpot. I still frequently make them for my pregnant friends so they don't have to cook after having their baby.

6. I was bitten by an eel when I was in Hawaii as a child, which is why I am not a very strong swimmer.

Weird right? My mom lost her toe ring while in Hawaii for my uncle's wedding. She and I crossed the reef and I was wearing snorkeling goggles and looked down into the water to find a MASSIVE eel coming out of a hole in the reef and it BIT ME! I screamed and the coast guard had to come out because they thought I had seen a shark. I have since hated eels. And can barely tread water in a pool. Likely unrelated but I have always associated the two together, haha!

7. I was the spring queen of my Swedish singing troop when I lived in Chicago.

Yes, you read that right! I was in a Swedish singing troop called Nordikids. We had concerts all over Chicago including IKEA, the Museum of Science and Industry, and so much more. I was crowned the Spring Queen in 2008 and also got to be Pippi Langstrupf (Pippi Longstocking). I got to wear a beautiful dress and a MASSIVE crown and I DEFINATELY let it get to my head, I was in LOVE. Unfortunately, I could not find the photo of my beautiful crown.. so here I am as Pippi!

8. I love to go to concerts alone!

Because of my synesthesia, music is just toooo good. I love to enjoy it by myself. There is a group called The 1975, and the lead singer Matty Healy also has it! So all of their music is incredible. I have always made it a point to attend their concerts alone to really soak it up. But don't get me wrong, a concert with friends is always a great time!

9. I would love to foster children one day!

I have never felt the strong pull to grow my own children, but I have always had a desire to foster children. You always hear about the horrible homes some children can end up at, and I have always desired to create a happy home that children could live in. I don't know if this is in the cards for me right now or any time soon, but my heart aches to do what I can to help!

10. I love taking photos with my polaroid camera!

I received the camera as a gift from my mom, and I love to pull it out whenever I can. I love the fact that the photos might not be perfect, and they are unaltered, and they are just beautiful. In my perfect wedding, we give polaroids out to wedding guests to take their own photos while there. A girl can dream.

It's silly but after spending all that time typing out all of that, I came up with ever more fun facts. I might have to type up a few more sometime! I hope you enjoyed getting a better look into who I am as a person! Which of these was your favorite?