These Are a Few of My Favorite Things... Part One

When I first founded Luna + Lavender, I knew very little about local businesses around me who catered to mothers and babies. But as I have grown my business, I have had the wonderful opportunity to connect with so many local business owners. There are so many baby products out there, and a large number of shops to go to as well. But if you want cute items but also want to support small local businesses as well, check these places out. Disclaimer: I am NOT sponsored or financially impacted by your decision to shop here, I simply want to bring your attention to some of my favorite local shops around town and around the internet! Let's get started!

Behold Baby: Wraps, Swaddles, Hats + More

Behold Baby was founded after the owner Hayley gave birth to her son Bo. She was looking for a way to also tend to her 2.5-year-old daughter, and found babywearing to be the answer! Behold Baby sells wraps, sleep sets and gowns, swaddles and blankets, hats, and beanies. All of her products are extremely soft and comfortable, priced fairly, and made with love. There are so many benefits to wraps and I know you will love what you get! If you are interested in following her on Instagram, you can find her at

Chicory Stitches: Custom Embroidered Swaddles + Shirts

Chicory Stitches is an Etsy shop where you can get adorable embroidered shirts, onesies, and swaddles! They are so beautiful and would make a perfect keepsake for your little one. She currently does not have the swaddles listed on her page, but you can message her to get the information! She has 5 stars and according to her page, she gets a lot of repeat business! Check her page out! She is also on Instagram at chicory_stitches.

Moon Dust Farms: Home Decor + Baby Goods

Moon Dust Farms is an incredible boutique in Mesa! They carry so many goods, but their children's section is STOCKED! They have so many cute things for the kiddos, but they also have a whole store full of home decor and other items. They can also do custom builds, so if you ever need anything built, check them out. They are on Instagram and Facebook at @moondustfarms and they are located at 58 West Main Street

Mesa, Arizona 85201. At the time of writing, due to the virus, they are allowing you to choose items off of their pages and do a curbside pick up, or you can schedule a private shopping experience.

AZ Moms Co: Arizona + Mom Shirts

Before I write about this company, I STRONGLY encourage you to follow her page on Instagram. Her original page was hacked and deleted. She lost years worth of content and all of her followers. She is back to ground zero. So please, follow her at @azmomsco_ . Help a mama out! Thanks! AZ Moms Co sells the cutest and most encouraging mom shirts. Including "Rab Mom" "Cool Mom" and even "Mental Health Matters" and "You Are Not Alone". Her shirts about momming are so cute. I am not a mom, but her "Bad Ass Moms Club" shirt makes me wish I was a part of the club. Check her out!

Joss + J Boutique: All the Baby Goods

Joss + J is a boutique in Gilbert that sells so many different baby goods! They also have a room you can rent out for workshops, baby showers, and so much more. They have home goods, baby clothes, toys, and clothes for parents too! They carry a lot of different items from all over! And they also have a little sitting area that has a fun wall for photos! The boutique is on Instagram at @joss.and.j. and their brick and motor store is at 323 S Gilbert Rd #109, Gilbert, AZ 85296.

And that is all I have got for now! I will absolutely be adding a few more installments of this in the time to come. I thank you for reading and hope you choose to support these local businesses! You are LOVED!

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